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May 2022


Learn how the accessibility of NHS websites compare

Top 3 websites for accessibility

Public Health Scotland

More NHS websites

How accessibility scores vary across NHS

This is the number of NHS websites with each accessibility score.

Average Score over Time NHS

The average score for NHS websites over time

Top NHS websites for accessibility

These are the highest rated 10 NHS websites for accessibility.

Rank Change Organisation Score Change Level A Level AA
1st NEW Public Health Scotland 95 -
2nd 1 NHS 93 -
3rd 1 NHS Blood & Transplant 88 -
4th 1 NHS Shared Business Services 86 +0.1
5th 1 NHS Supply Chain 84 -0.1
6th 1 NHS Service Manual 84 -
7th NEW NHS Lanarkshire 79 -
8th 2 NHS England & NHS Improvement 77 -0.1
9th NEW NHS Borders 75 -
10th 3 NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) 75 +0.4

All other NHS websites

Websites not ranked in the top 10 for accessibility are listed here.

Websites that were not tested

These websites were not tested for various reasons.

About these results

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