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About the Silktide Index

The Silktide Index is a public list of websites, graded for accessibility. The Index helps you learn how your website compares with others.

The Silktide Index was released on Feb 3rd 2020. We plan to expand and improve the Index over time.

How does it work?

The Index is researched and updated automatically by using Silktide's automated web intelligence platform.

Every month we gather a sample of up to 125 web pages from each website in our Index, and we test those pages for around 200 key criteria. The results are simplified and presented on this website.

Our tests cover all of the unambiguous criteria in WCAG 2.1. This means we only score websites for criteria that a computer can reliably assess by itself.

Pages are loaded in real browsers with JavaScript enabled. This means we will see things like your cookie banners, pop-up windows, animations, and other rich content as a human being would. This includes the mobile versions of each website.

Tests include mobile accessibility, non-text contrast, tabbed browsing and many other parts of WCAG 2.1 which we don't believe are covered by other platforms.

Each WCAG 2.1 Level is rated out of 100. The website's Accessibility Score is made up of a weighted combination of all three levels (45% for Level A, 40% for AA, 15% for AAA).

Who are Silktide?

Silktide are leading providers of website testing and governance software. We help organizations around the world understand and improve their websites.

What is web accessibility and why is it important

Allowing everyone to access the information on your website needs to be a primary goal for your organization. Accessibility can cover a wide range of requirements from screen reader compatibility to text and image legibility.

What do you mean by "accessibility"?

The accessibility score looks at how accessible a website is, as measured against the latest international standard for web accessibility, WCAG 2.1.

In the UK and the EU, this is the latest standard required of all public sector websites by September 2020.

We believe Silktide performs the world's most advanced automated assessment of web accessibility, so you may see issues you've not been aware of before.

We test for mobile accessibility, tabbed browsing, non-text contrast, and many other parts of WCAG 2.1 that we don't believe are covered by other platforms.

How accurate are the results?

We do everything we can to ensure the accuracy of all of our tests, but there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Only the first 125 web pages of each website are tested
  • Only the main website of each organization is tested
  • Computers are not perfect

How do you decide what pages to test?

We conduct a breadth-first scan of the first 125 pages in each website, starting from their homepage.

How this works:

  • We download a page
  • We find the links with the shortest URLs first and save them
  • If we haven't found 125 pages, or we have no more pages, repeat these steps

How do I add a website?

If you believe your website should be included in our Index, please contact us. If your website already belongs to a sector we have, we will prioritize it.

Websites that don't belong to a sector we already have are considered over time. We're always looking to add more sectors, but each sector requires a certain amount of research, quality control, and maintenance.

How do I unlock more recommendations?

We only show a selection of the highest priority issues for each website. To see more, you can either:

  • Complete a recommendation - this will reveal another recommendation the next month your website is tested
  • Purchase Silktide - paying customers have access to all recommendations, can test all of their websites and web pages, and test their website as often as they like. Get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange a demo.

If you are a member of a professional body like Socitm that Silktide works with, you might have access to a more detailed report already. Contact us if you're not sure.