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<th class="st-head-row" colspan="2">...</th> 10
<th class="st-head-row" colspan="2">Treat you and your home with respect</th> 1
<th class="st-head-row" colspan="2">Arrange appointment times to suit you within our normal working schedule</th> 1
<th class="st-head-row st-head-row-main" colspan="2">5% deposit</th> 1
<th style="width: 50%;">We will:</th> 1
<th class="dorecycle">...</th> 1
<th>You will:</th> 1
<th class="st-head-row" colspan="2">Complete urgent repairs within prescribed government timescales</th> 1
<th class="st-head-row" colspan="2">Be responsible for maintaining the structure and outside of your home, any fixtures or fittings we have provided, the safety of your property, including wiring and any communal areas.</th> 1
<th style="text-align: center;">30% equity loan</th> 1
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