What does this mean?

All controls on the page - including links, buttons, and fields - should show when they have been selected by the keyboard.

You can confirm this yourself by loading a webpage and using the Tab key to navigate through it. Anything you can select should alter its appearance when selected. For example, a text field might change color, or have a distinctive border applied.

This is default behavior for all standard web controls, and so if this issue is appearing it is because this default behavior has been disabled. Or alternatively, if you have written your own custom controls, these will need styling to support focus states.

To comply, links and form controls typically define an outline CSS style, which ensures they are highlighted automatically, for example:

input:focus (outline: 2px solid red);

If you choose to override or disable the default outline, you should specify an accessible alternative, such as a border or background color.


If the page appears to highlight when you use tabbed browsing, try testing the page with JavaScript disabled.

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<input class="js-checkbox checkbox__input js-form__el" data-rule-required="true" data-msg-required="This field is required" name="agree" id="agree" type="checkbox"> 4
<a href="#" class="btn btn--disabled btn--bordered annual-reports__btn annual-reports__btn-clear u-collapse--top"> 3
<input class="js-checkbox checkbox__input js-form__el" data-rule-required="true" data-msg-required="Please confirm" name="agree" id="agree" type="checkbox"> 3
<a href="javascript: void(0);" class="btn btn--bordered btn--disabled"> 2
<a class="pagination__item pagination__arrow pagination__arrow--right pagination__item--disabled" href="" title=""> 2
<a href="#" class="btn btn--disabled btn--filled annual-reports__btn annual-reports__btn-download"> 2
<a href="#" class="btn btn--disabled btn--filled annual-reports__btn annual-reports__btn-download js-report-popup-trigger-archive"> 2
<a href="javascript: void(0);" class="btn btn--filled btn--disabled"> 2
<span class="select2-selection select2-selection--single" role="combobox" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" tabindex="0" aria-labelledby="select2-department-container"> 1
<a class="pagination__item pagination__arrow pagination__arrow--left" href="/en/investors-and-media/reports-and-results/summaries/" title="Summary"> 1
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