What does this mean?

Every page should have a clearly defined heading, known as a "H1" (Heading 1).

A H1 is the main heading of the page. It helps accessibility by allowing uses to skip to the main content of the page. It helps all users identify what the page is about. It helps SEO by giving special emphasis to the topic of the page.

It is not enough to simply include large text. Headings must be coded semantically as <h1> tags, like so:

<h1>This is a heading</h1>

Note that headings must contain some machine readable text to be considered valid. For example, this heading is not valid:

    <img src="company-logo.png">

But with the addition of alt text, this heading is valid:

    <img src="company-logo.png" alt="About Company Inc.">

Generally we recommend you just use plain text for your headings. See Technique H42 for more details.

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