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December 2022

Irish Councils

Learn how the accessibility of Irish Council websites compare

Top 3 websites for accessibility

More Irish Council websites

How accessibility scores vary across Irish Councils

This is the number of Irish Council websites with each accessibility score.

Average Score over Time Irish Councils

The average score for Irish Council websites over time

Top Irish Council websites for accessibility

These are the highest rated 10 Irish Council websites for accessibility.

Rank Change Organisation Score Change Level A Level AA
1st - Dublin City Council 82 -
2nd - Meath County Council 80 -
3rd - Wexford County Council 78 -0.1
4th - Kilkenny County Council 71 -0.1
5th - Cork County Council 67 -
6th - South Dublin County Council 62 -0.3
7th - Mayo County Council 61 -0.1
8th - Clare County Council 59 +0.2
9th - Monaghan County Council 56 -0.6
10th - Cavan County Council 55 -0.6

All other Irish Council websites

Websites not ranked in the top 10 for accessibility are listed here.

Websites that were not tested

These websites were not tested for various reasons.

About these results

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